Horizon gems – watch whilst available!

This is a great Horizon programme about the amazing power of the unconscious mind; and there were two sections I found really interesting:

20:10 – 26:48  We’re hard wired to be positive thinkers, because it reduces our stress and anxiety and makes us strive for better.  This is great news – my advice is don’t fight it by being miserable and pessimistic!

32:50 – 39:27 Forming habits allows our unconscious mind to free our conscious mind from having to think about these activities, leaving us free to pay attention to other things we want to do.

I’m a great believer in forming habits for routine work; especially stuff which could be considered a ‘chore’, like washing up straight after eating a meal.  When it becomes an unconscious action you don’t think about it; you just do it, then wonder how the house just seems to keep itself tidy.  That’s a great point to get to – I’m not there yet, but I’m getting close; these days I’m usually no more than 2 hours away from a completely tidy house…

…the loft is another story – when that’s sorted too I’ll really be getting somewhere!

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