Tour De Force

Bradley Wiggins deservedly graces the pages of our newspapers this morning, having become the first Brit ever to win the Tour De France since its inception in 1903. This is a very special accolade because, for all the records that get broken, becoming the first to achieve something can never be taken away from you.

What I love about this monumental achievement is all the lessons we can learn from it:

1. It started with an idea, a dream, a goal
2. They turned the dream into a plan of how to achieve it
3. They nurtured potential
4. They were absolutely committed and disciplined
5. They made individual sacrifices for the overall success of the team
6. Setbacks didn’t stop them from being successful

And when you really go for it, the results can turn out to be better than you could ever have expected. Three years ago Sky said, let’s put together a team of our country’s best riders and aim to win the Tour De France within 4 years – what happened was this:

  • They did it in 3
  • They achieved second place as well, thanks to an outstanding performance from Chris Froome
  • Mark Cavendish won the Paris leg for the 4th time in a row, crossing the line as current world sprint champion

They also broke several other Britsh records over that 3 year period, whilst getting ever closer to their ultimate goal, each achievement spurring them on towards the next. One person commented that they were reaching a point where history making became routine.

Now there’s a point to aim for.

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