The 90 Day Internet Marketing Challenge – Day 1

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got

(Mark Twain)

This internet marketing challenge is just one of several new ideas I am implementing, to shake me out of my old habits and encourage me to take action. Others include:

  • Regularly exposing myself to motivational videos, podcasts, webinars and books (which has given me the motivation and belief to do this 90 day challenge).
  • Getting up as soon as the alarm goes at 6am, regardless of what time I went to bed (which happened to be 12.30am today).
  • Working whilst listening to music to stay more productive (previously I didn’t think I could work to music – it turns out I can.  I just need to tweak it according to the type of task I’m working on).
  • Staying as focussed as I can on building my business between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (being self-employed already, albeit on a pittance of an income, I have no excuse not to work at this and make it the success I know it can be, as quickly as I can).

The Socrates Forum proved useful today, helping me to  install a Sharebar plugin onto this site and tweak it to include a link to Google+ by adding a bit of code.  I then had to fiddle around with some settings, so that the Sharebar would sit in just the right place to the left of my feed.  It doesn’t appear at all on the ‘latest posts’ page, so I wanted to get people to have to click on each blog post to read it in full.  A quick search on Google showed me how I could do this, either by adding some code to each individual post, or by tweaking a bit of code in the index.php file on wordpress (which I eventually found in the editor under the Appearance menu).

I then needed a home page button, so that people could get back to the latest posts page after reading one they’d clicked on.  For that, I had to add a link to my the home page as a menu item (again under the Appearance menu in WordPress).

The rest of the time I’ve spent populating this site with a few more posts.

That’s about as far as I’ve got today, but I’m quite pleased with that really.  It’s surprising how long things can take when you don’t really know what you’re doing; but I have to say I’m loving the journey – I’m learning so much.

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