A Difference in Attitude

I met a friend for lunch today.  As we walked to Poole Quay and watched the Sunseeker Yachts idling gently past on the water, I was reminded of a pact we made with each other several years ago; that whoever became a millionaire first would take the other for lunch in Hong Kong.

Today, full of renewed faith in my entrepreneurship, I said to my friend “I haven’t given up on the possibility of becoming a millionaire you know”, to which he replied “Me neither….I’m still doing the lottery!

So who has the better chance of succeeding?  My friend, with his 1 in 14 Million odds buying a National Lottery ticket, or me with my own business?

I surfed the net for a while to try and find some statistics about the odds of becoming a millionaire and, apart from stumbling across some very interesting links about becoming a millionaire in general, here’s one page I found.

Now we all know there are ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’, but since I fall into the ‘owning a small business’ category, I’m happy to believe the 1 in 1000 odds quoted by Super Peter in January 2006, along with the real possibility of being able to improve those odds.

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