It Takes Time to be a Finisher

Have you ever been out walking, suddenly spotted a landmark and thought “Great, I’m nearly there!”, only to find that an hour later you’re still walking towards it?   Well the same can be said for finishing a task. I like to consider myself a successful person; and because that’s how I choose to define […]

Is Clarkson Like Savile?

So apparently Jeremy Clarkson is ‘furious’ over someone from the BBC comparing him to Jimmy Savile. Was that person implying that Clarkson is a sexual predator – no; were they implying that he believes he has the power and influence to do or say what he likes without recrimination or negative consequences? Probably. Jumping to […]

Consistency is Key

Legendary salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar often told the story of how he used to have one of the worst sales records in the cookware company he worked for. Then one day a supervisor, PC Merrell, told him that if he believed in himself and went to work on a regular schedule, he could […]

A Lesson on How to Live

This little gem appeared on my Facebook feed one day and I couldn’t have wished for a better example of how we should all look to embrace life; to live as small children do – with no fears, no cares and no self-consciousness, amazed and amused at the simplest things in life and fully enjoying […]

No Ice for Me Thanks

I always find it amazing to see what some people are prepared to do for charity – or, in the case of the original ‘ALS Ice Challenge’ rules, what they’re prepared to do to avoid making a donation. The MacMillan Cancer version has been cleverer still, asking people to donate £3 for the ‘privalege’ of […]

Getting My Axe Together

When it comes to managing emails… I’m pretty good at keeping my inboxes clear (I have two email accounts, one for personal stuff and another for work). A little while ago I had the great idea of creating folders where I could place emails that needed action taken on them; this way I could then […]

Death of a Legend

The world is a little poorer today for the loss of the great Robin Williams – a man whose talent I have admired ever since first seeing him in the TV show Mork and Mindy when I was a child. Like his character in the film Dead Poets Society, Williams ‘seized the day’ and ‘sucked […]

My SIMPLE Philosophy

I’ve invented my own S.I.M.P.L.E. philosophy in an attempt to keep growing and organised in all of the key areas of my life – and I’m choosing to share it with you in case you find it helpful to use yourself.  The sections below explain what each letter stands for and what each category relates […]