New Kid on the Block

Based on my research there appear to be two types of public domain; the public domain where a copyright period has ended for a particular item; and the ‘public domain’ where copyrighted items have been used to produce new items, which have then been made freely available on the internet. On investigating a number of […]

Thinking like a salesperson

Eric Holmlund, internet marketer, says that in order to become successful online, you need to be able to ‘think like a salesperson’.  He admits that, because he can do this, even if he lost everything tomorrow and had to start again from scratch, he would be making money again the very next day, because when […]

Finding Kennedy

On the way back to our car in Southampton today we found a grubby pink clutch purse in the layby.  It was packed with receipts and, fortunately, a prescription with a local address on it.  There were no credit cards, but a school pass for a young girl called Kennedy. We drove to the address […]

So Excited

Wow! I’ve just been watching a promotional video and I’m so excited! I’ve felt hope before on the back of purchasing a number of ‘make money online’ products, but have then faced subsequent disappointment as I started working the systems and the reality of the hard work vs tiny revenue kicked in. But this time […]