Beware Self Sabotage

Once again I didn’t get up for the gym this morning.  I feel since coming back from the National Achiever’s Congress in London last weekend that I haven’t been very productive.  I did get to the gym twice but I haven’t eaten well; and this morning I tipped the bathroom scales at 13st 7 1/4 – and I want to be under 13st.

What’s more I’ve only rehearsed my Toastmasters contest speech once since I got back.  The contest is tomorrow and I haven’t finalised the changes to my delivery yet.

If I’m not careful, I’m in danger of sabotaging my own success – again.

I went for a walk with my wife along our local trailway this morning and we have both agreed to make a better effort, starting immediately.  I have also made 2 more important decisions:

1) I will no longer buy any non-essential items until I’ve earned the money to pay for them
2) I will not wait until next week to start selling online.  I need to start on Monday.


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