£76 in 28 Seconds

My heart was in my mouth….. I had a metal shed listed on eBay and the listing was due to end today at 5.15pm. ¬†Yesterday I received a call on my mobile from someone asking if I would be interested in accepting ¬£120 cash for it. Now the last time I’d looked¬†at the listing before […]

A time to invest…..or not

Recently I received a phone call, on the back of somehow getting on a mailing list for film investments. The caller was inviting me to invest in a Biblical production – Mary Mother of Christ, the prequel to the Passion of the Christ. It called for a minimum investment of ¬£5K – and whilst it […]

A Difference in Attitude

I met a friend for lunch today. ¬†As we walked to Poole Quay and watched the Sunseeker Yachts idling gently past on the water, I was reminded of¬†a pact we made with each other several years ago; that whoever became a millionaire first would take the other for lunch in Hong Kong. Today, full of […]