Is Clarkson Like Savile?

So apparently Jeremy Clarkson is ‘furious’ over someone from the BBC comparing him to Jimmy Savile. Was that person implying that Clarkson is a sexual predator – no; were they implying that he believes he has the power and influence to do or say what he likes without recrimination or negative consequences? Probably. Jumping to […]

Death of a Legend

The world is a little poorer today for the loss of the great Robin Williams – a man whose talent I have admired ever since first seeing him in the TV show Mork and Mindy when I was a child. Like his character in the film Dead Poets Society, Williams ‘seized the day’ and ‘sucked […]

Finding Myself

You would be forgiven for thinking I was going to get all philosophical with this post, but actually I’m referring to understanding my current online presence. Today I started John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor programme – and the first thing he recommends is to get yourself a .com domain derived from your name, to use […]