3 tools for getting remotivated

Despite it being the first day of Spring today, I found it a real struggle to get motivated and believe in myself.

I drafted several blog posts today, including a lengthy one exploring my feelings about last night’s speech; this left me wondering whether I was indulging in active procrastination (as opposed to passive procrastination, such as watching a film or reading a novel).  In the end I concluded that I definitely wasn’t, since I was still working; albeit doing what I loved.

At least now, when I’m lacking motivation and inspiration, I have some tools at my disposal to help me change my state to one that’s more healthy and productive.

Here are my top 3 so far:

Spotify –  a free music streaming service that deserved its own review. I have created a number of playlists, depending on whether I’m in the mood for high energy feel good music or middle of the road tracks I enjoy, or need to listen to tracks without lyrics in order to concentrate. I can get fed up classical music after a while, but I seem to be able to listen to film scores for hours on end.

Mel Robbins’s TEDx talk on how to overcome the force that stops you from getting on with the things you know you should be doing but don’t want to (and don’t worry – the ‘F’ word suggested in the title isn’t a rude one).

Tony Robbins (no relation to Mel) talking about why people don’t do what it takes to get what they want. Specifically from 14:55 to 29:01 on the video (there used to be several versions of this video on You Tube, but today I had trouble finding one that would play, so it may have been pulled – watch it while you still can!).

I hope these 3 tools help you as much as they help me. Having the right mindset is vital to staying focussed and getting through those tough times on the way to achieving your goals and living your dreams. Don’t leave your mood to chance and just accept it – use your remote (ivation) control and remotivate yourself.

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