Positive Vibes

Today has been a day of positive vibes. Some friends we went to see this morning were really encouraging about my wife’s latest plans for her art and design business – and even gave us some of their children’s books to borrow for inspiration.

Sue then bumped into someone she hadn’t seen for ages and was able to show them some of her designs on her ipad (talk about a great marketing tool for an artist!). Again this woman was very complimentary and positive about Sue’s plans.

Then, this afternoon, we had a 2 hour Skype chat with two very good friends of ours in Canada, who, as ever, were very enthusiastic about what we were both doing and gave us some helpful things to think about.

Finally we watched a Channel 4 programme I’d recorded called ‘How to be a Billionaire’*, which featured 3 entrepreneurs, all of whom had made their billions from internet based businesses. Talk about an encouragement – my belief in being able to make a ‘mere’ £1m from the internet has suddenly rocketed!

*Catch this programme whilst it’s still available – it’s well worth a watch.

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