My SIMPLE Philosophy

I have invented my own S.I.M.P.L.E philosophy in an attempt to keep growing in all of the key areas of my life and shared it with you in case you find it helpful to use yourself.  The sections below explain in more detail what each letter stands for, what my philosophy for it is and where I felt I was on that journey when I first wrote this post for a previous site of mine (now merged with this one) back in 2012.

To see how I’ve been progressing since, click on the relevant category in the right hand sidebar on this blog.

S is for…

Spiritual – our connection with natural and/or supernatural things

I can tell you now that, of all the sections in this website, I’ve found this one to be the toughest to write. I think many people are afraid to talk about spiritual belief, as it’s such an emotive subject. When you challenge another human being’s core belief system, that person is naturally going to be defensive; after all, you’re asking them to question things they may have held to be absolute truths for years, sometimes even a lifetime.

It’s unlikely that anyone alive today will ever know, with 100% certainty, where they came from or where they’re going. They can believe with 100% certainty, but they won’t know. I believe 2+2=4 because most of us seem to; but maybe there’s a minority group out there who insists that 2+2=5!

In life, as in mathematics, things would be much easier if we all believed the same thing; but then life would be boring, colourless, unchallenging. My hope is that all people will grow to respect people simply for what they are – fellow human beings – and not judge them by their beliefs or behaviors. Easier said than done I know, but isn’t life tough enough, without us being tough on each other?  Far better that we share and enjoy the journey together.

For the record, I believe there is a spiritual realm to this world, that we were created by a loving, merciful and righteous God and that, through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ, I can enjoy a loving relationship with God and the gift of eternal life.. That’s my belief, and I fully respect your right to yours, whatever it may be.

Paul’s Progress (March 2012) – I have been a practicing Christian for about 10 years now; and I need more practice!

I is for…

Interpersonal – the quality of our relationships with others

Paul’s Progress (March 2012) – Married with plenty of friends and family members to keep me busy socially (and emotionally!).  More introvert than extrovert, I can be sociable but sometimes just don’t want to make the effort in social situations.


M is for…

Material – anything relating to our possessions and finances

Paul’s Progress (March 2012)  – I live in a modest, 3 bedroomed semi-detached house and have a pretty hefty mortgage. From 1st January 2012 I became full time self-employed.  It’s a leap of faith and, so far, I’m not yet earning anywhere near enough to cover our monthly bills and I can’t afford to keep dipping into savings.


P is for…

Personal – developing our mind and body

Paul’s Progress (March 2012) – I’m finally seeing my six pack properly again for the first time in over 20 years, but I struggle to stay motivated to eat right and exercise.  I like to think and reflect on things, so I often feel the pressure of trying to keep pace with modern living.


L is for…

Leisure – what we do for fun

Paul’s Progress (March 2012)  – even fun stuff can involve goals, to help us make the most of our leisure time.  I want to improve my guitar playing, so really need to put together a practice routine.


E is for…

E – our employment, our sources of income

Paul’s Progress (March 2012)  – Whilst I’ve taken the plunge to become fully self-employed this year, it’s not without a little safety net.  I’m currently doing contract work for my previous employer for 2 days a week; but it could dry up at any time with a month’s notice.

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