Six of the Best

It doesn’t get much better than this – six gold medals for team GB on home turf. I’m exhausted just from watching it all on TV! It’s amazing to think that, 4 years ago, Jessica Ennis and her coach were sat on her sofa watching the Beijing Olympics, wondering whether they could make it happen in 2012. Thank God they decided to give it a go.

Every dream starts with a decision to go for it. It takes time, patience and hard work. There will be setbacks and disappointments and times when you wonder whether it’s all worth the effort; but oh the rewards can be so, so sweet.

So many of our gold medal winning atheletes have said the same four words over and over again, despite all of their training and sacrifices – “I can’t believe it”. So, even if you have niggling doubts, don’t let those little voices make you give in; or worse, not start at all. If you’re determined enough and get the right people around you, who believe in you even when you don’t, you can achieve your dreams.

Believe. Achieve.

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