So Excited

Wow! I’ve just been watching a promotional video and I’m so excited! I’ve felt hope before on the back of purchasing a number of ‘make money online’ products, but have then faced subsequent disappointment as I started working the systems and the reality of the hard work vs tiny revenue kicked in.

But this time it’s different. It’s different because, this time, I haven’t bought a new product. Instead, I’ve settled on a way to use my existing knowledge, and some of the products I’ve already bought, in a niche I love. A way to find, and help, like minded people, with virtually no financial risk, but the potential to provide a very healthy income.

The problem I’ve had with internet marketing in the past is that I’ve been trying to absorb the knowledge without actually applying it anywhere. My new website will be that platform. And all I need to earn from it is £2000. That will be enough for me to invest in a mentorship program, having already created a website and a product that has earned me some money.

With that kind of head start, I absolutely know I will make a return on my investment – and even if I didn’t, I would have earned the money to take that risk in the first place and wouldn’t feel guilty about having spent money I couldn’t afford to lose.

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