The Best Possible Start

After doing a bit of catching up on Facebook last night,  I came across a video someone had posted of two young boys playing with elastic bands on door handles and having the time of their lives.  The pure simplicity and innocence of it all made it perfect for my new niche website – and so it has become my first ever post on

There’s no point in me focusing on driving traffic to that site yet, as there’s hardly anything on it; but that first page will remain on my home page for all to see and to introduce what the site is all about.

I’ve also spent a good chunk of today researching the information I’m looking to sell on ebay via CD.  The description pages of my competition are OK, but I reckon I can do better with some better images and killer copy.  As for what I’m offering, I reckon video tutorials in a membership area on my website, plus a YouTube channel of other people’s videos are the way to go.

But I don’t want to wait to get all that together before I start selling – I’d rather get a little bit of money coming in now, then just keep improving my offering to frustrate the competition.

The quicker I get started, the quicker I can get to Powerseller or Top Seller status on ebay; and that will lower my fees and establish my credibility for promoting ‘how to sell on ebay’ products and services.

That’s the theory anyway 😉

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