Well I’ve spent a few hours researching and trying to get things to work. To make sure that the zip files you’re asking people to download are as correct as possible, I recommend that the folder and subfolders be copied straight from the disc you gave me, converted into a zip file, then uploaded to your website for people to download. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it on mine as my web host will only let me upload files that are 50mb or less in size.

However, even on the disc there appear to be some documents missing from the INTRO folder, or in the wrong place. For example, in the document C-DATETAGS.doc, the link to John Hawkins is looking for a file called hawkins.doc in the INTRO folder on the disc, which isn’t there. Same with escorial.doc and brueghel.doc (which, incidentally is spelled Bruegel in your link).

It does appear that, in its current format (word and excel documents) the person downloading MUST have Microsoft Office in order for this to work best for them. Open office works to a degree, but with errors. That said, even with Microsoft Office, the programs seem to get confused between ‘using’ and ‘editing’, so the cursor doesn’t always appear to turn into a hand when you hover over a link.

In order to make TT accessible to people without Microsoft Office our alternative, as discussed, would be to turn it into a single pdf document, with the Excel spreadsheet being the only non-converted document (so that the filtering is still possible). However, creating the single pdf would mean remapping all of the links, which would be a big job.

The other recommendation would be to host this on TimewiseTraveller.ORG, as this will indicate to people that this is a not for profit initiative.