Why I really love internet marketing

The art and philosophy of on-line selling absolutely fascinates me.  Before I started on this steep learning curve in earnest 3 years ago, I simply couldn’t get my head around how money could be made from any website that wasn’t an obvious online shopping site, or didn’t appear to have any products for sale.

I love working with words, so find it very rewarding when the sales copy I write actually persuades people to buy from me.  I also love the interaction with others that blogging and social networking brings.  It’s a dream for an introvert like me to be able to interact with crowds of people whilst sitting in the comfort and safety of my own home in front of my computer screen, listening to my favourite music.

There’s nothing more heart warming or rewarding than having someone tell you that something you’ve created has made a difference to their lives; and social networking is often a good gauge of whether your circle of influence is growing. For example, if someone ‘likes’ something you’ve put out there – let’s say on Facebook – then you know you’ve touched them in a small way.  If what you’ve done has moved them to comment, then you’ve had even more of an impact; and if they share it with people they know and love, then you’ve really made an impression.

These thoughts remind me of a poem I wrote some years ago:

To ask what one man in his life can achieve
Is to throw pebbles into a lake
For the bigger the impact the water receives
The more ripples one pebble can make

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